Tarot Update

June 19, 2007

dried pomegranates

An odd painting for this time of year, but this pomegranate painting shows an ending and the seeds of a new beginning.  I sold the last numbered Ironwing Tarot deck today.  I have a handful of full 78-card decks that are signed but not numbered, which are available for the same price but not advertised on the website.  I also have quite a few 22-card Majors-only decks which are available on my website or through Tarotgarden.  Card XVII – The Star will appear this fall in the We’Moon 2008 Datebook (an annual publication of womyn’s art and writing – I had pieces in the 2002 and 2004 editions).

The seeds are those of a new oracle deck.  More about that later.  For now, like the Tarot High Priestess, I will just show the pomegranate.


3 Responses to “Tarot Update”

  1. sravana said

    Upcoming oracle deck? I am *so* up for that!
    And congrats on selling out of the numbered 78-card decks. I’m so glad that I was able to get one before they were gone.

    It’s also a treat to see your art here so often. I love the above painting, showing your move from the tarot to an oracle. Lovely!

  2. judithornot said

    A friend recently passed along a channeled message purported to be from nature about the Summer Solstice. Normally I don’t put a lot of stock into such things, but this one was about it being a time of reclaiming personal power, and letting go of the past. Your painting, Lorena, at this time of year reminds me of that.

  3. Hemera said

    I am very much in the process of letting go of the past so the beautiful pomegranate painting fits my feelings,too. In the Circle of Life there is always a seed of the opposite present. Decay and dissolution are always here..I find it a comforting thought that the great wheel of Mother Nature is always turning and moving at its own speed regardless of what we say or think.

    I´m off to Scotland in a few days. A trip I´ve been dreaming of for the past 30 years. And you´ll never guess which tarot deck I´ll be packing in my rucksack 🙂

    Summer Solstice greetings to Lorena and everyone else here!

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