Two Bells

June 28, 2007

Two Rivers Iron BellPilgrim's Companion Iron Bells

In the past couple of days I finished these bells and put them on my website.  Both have a nice sound from a tiny, sweet-ringing bell and a large, darker one.  These are very time-consuming to make, but I love them and each one is different.  They are balanced for hanging or for carrying in a ritual or procession.  The bells start out as flat, industrial-looking steel triangles.  I cut them from strips of 1/8″ steel that we found dumped on a dirt road a few years ago.  As I hammer over the tool hole in the anvil, they begin to seem more alive as the domes and curves take shape, until they really do look and feel like the wild ginger flowers that inspired them.  I started making them in 1995, when we lived in Kentucky, and I went for a walk along a railroad track and found some triangular scraps of steel plate.  By the time the first bell was done, I knew that this was one of those peculiar little things that I felt “called” to make, like the curly cones and pods.   Most blacksmiths seem to have some odd item that they forge over and over – an early challenge becomes a trade item or signature piece, and finally a comforting form of meditation.


3 Responses to “Two Bells”

  1. Hemera said

    I just returned from Scotland this morning. I had my Ironwing deck there with me and I did my first serious reading with Ironwing Tarot there. I got some quite unexpected and powerful answers. I seem to have connected really well with this deck which is not very surprising, since this is an exceptional and powerful deck.

    Your bells are beautiful!
    I have read that most artists have one theme that follows them throughout their life. I think the French painter Edouard Manet had his fruit still-life works, that he always returned to. Monet had the dancers, Picasso had recurring themes,too, etc.

  2. Debbie said

    These bells are wonderful! I love the pair with spiraling, twisting tendrils. Keep posting your work here – so fun to see it.

  3. Hemera said

    I found the quote that I was thinking of yesterday in one of my old Journals:

    “The Artist has but one idea. S/he is born with it and spends a lifetime developing it and making it breathe.”
    -Henri Matisse-

    Maybe the bells are something like this for you?:)

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