Two Eagles and Three Pomegranates

July 4, 2007

US-MEX boundary marker 130

Today the air is so hot it burns, even in the shade, where it is 105.  Vultures fly higher than usual on the rising thermals.  Over the house, much higher than the vultures, we saw two eagles circling each other, heading south toward the clouds.  A reminder of the two eagles that we saw on Sunday, when we hiked to Boundary Marker 130 on the U.S.-Mexico border in the Pajarito Mountains.  Remote and beautiful on both sides of the border, a land of steep hills and canyons, rugged rhyolite outcrops, rare plants, and two watchful eagles:

US eagleMexcian eagle

Today I finished these two pomegranate paintings.  All of my current projects involve a several images, not isolated drawings.  In finishing the tarot deck, I learned how satisfying it is to create a series of related images and watch them develop into a unified whole.  So I want to do it again!  More to come….

bronze bell pomegranatelapis lazuli and gold pomegranate

One more pomegranate.  I sew most of my own clothes, and today I finished a hiking outfit, an Indian-style salwar kameez made of sturdy hemp/cotton muslin.  The pants are factory-dyed sage green with drawstring waist and cuffs.  Drawstring is an undyed Guatemalan sash.  Scarf is a handwoven cotton rebozo from Mexico.  I used pomegranate husks to dye the fabric for the shirt.  The tannin in the husks gives the fabric the same warm yellowish-brown color as the fallen leaves.

hemp salwar kameez


3 Responses to “Two Eagles and Three Pomegranates”

  1. Marie said

    The paintings are wonderful as are the clothes.

  2. Hemera said

    Really great paintings. Oh and I wish I could make my own clothes… The ones you have made look both beautiful and practical.
    My Granny used to dye yarn and fabrics with plants and also sew her clothes.

  3. ironwing said

    I learned how to sew as a child, but only started making patterns and sewing my own clothes in 2002 when I could no longer find cotton dresses in the stores. The pattern for the salwar kameez is taken from a Pakistani outfit that I bought in Chicago. The only pants in the world that fit me! I enjoy wearing things that I have made, even if they aren’t fancy.

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