The Full Moon Shatters into Rain

July 31, 2007

This full moon brought rain and green leaves.  A glass sphere, its surface frosted and etched by windblown dust, shattered into glistening streaks and bubbles as it poured waterfalls and tendrils of green light.  Amid thunderclouds, the rising and setting moon shone with a clear warm glow, like the swirling, molten sphere that forms as silver or bronze or gold melts in the crucible.  This feeling – a transparent globe breaking over my head, and a molten ball glowing in my hands – has stayed with me for two days.  Something old has broken, and a new seed is rolling into life.  I have so many projects going or evolving that I’m not sure which one applies here, but this moon is surely significant for one of them. 

The hot dry High Summer has passed, and we are well into the desert’s “fifth season” of the monsoons.  Ferns and oak trees put out new leaves, ocotillos grow leafy new branches, pipevines and devil’s claws bloom, prickly pear fruits ripen, and barrel cacti grow ephemeral “rain roots” and swell before blooming.  This frenzy of growth will last until the equinox, when the sunlight loses its summer intensity, the clouds disappear, and all life dries out and slows down.  For those who celebrate this time of year as Lammas, the beginning of Autumn, I will share a summer project:  a coralbean, two months old, photographed after a thunderstorm.  I scarified/burned the thick red seedcoat on the grinding wheel so they could sprout.  Now I have six tiny trees.


Here’s today’s pomegranate vessel, painted in rare minerals – purpurite, lime green gaspeite, and blue-green dioptase.

purpurite pomegranate


3 Responses to “The Full Moon Shatters into Rain”

  1. Karin said

    It’s Imbolc here.

    I’d like to see some system (oracle?) that’d reflect a planetary awareness of change: that it’s always midnight somewhere in Earth, and always any season somewhere, and why does the Earth has to do so (bake and cool in 7 moon month/24 hour cycles), and how Earth (mountains) begets water (ice) and Water (sea) begets Air (wind), etc.

  2. ironwing said

    I was thinking about this yesterday as I worked with a list of 13 images for my moon oracle. I was trying to align them in a logical sequence, assigning one to each moon, because I felt that people would expect it. But the pictures could not be arranged this way, since each one is equally connected to all of the others. And I don’t want to tie the oracle too closely to a specific place – I want it to be usable anywhere in the world and to be portable, like a bag of pebbles.
    Living here, we are especially conscious of the distant winds, ocean currents, and land features that produce our weather. Winter storms swirl down from the north Pacific. Monsoons originate in southern Mexico, and we get the best rain in years that the desert is especially hot in June. The current monsoon season is the best I’ve seen since 2000.

  3. judithornot said

    Happy Lammas! Am glad your coralbeans are growing so healthy. Redwood cones also need fire to sprout. And thank you for sharing this new pomegranate; it is as if there is a new seed inside, with life just bursting forth.

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