More on Oracles: Quartz Crystals

November 14, 2007

I’ve chosen the 28 lichen samples for the Graphis oracle, developed a sequence of glyphs, and am now working on the ink drawings.  Meanwhile, here is a simple oracle that I developed a couple of years ago using double-terminated reverse-sceptred quartz crystals.  I have a large collection of these, and chose my favorites for the oracle.  They are similar to the famous Herkimer diamonds and formed in limestone of the same age, but are more complex in structure and have dark petroliferous cores.  I spent some time contemplating each crystal, writing down words or phrases that seemed to describe its intuitive significance to me.  After a few experimental throws, the meaning of each stone solidified and I kept only those that were consistently significant, weeding out the ones that only added “noise” to the reading.  I ended up with ten crystals:

Quartz Crystal Oracle

TOP (left to right):

1.  ice – smoke – walking alone (note that this is a dipyramid, with no prism faces)

2.  teacher – sanctuary – purification

3.  converging – roots – stream confluence

4.  diverging – tree branches – fire

5.  whirling – creation – complexity

BOTTOM (left to right):

6.  water – healing mist – concealment (this is waterworn, frosted, with rounded edges)

7.  sky bridge – setting out

8.  underworld tunnel – return

9.  myriad – tower of light – sun

10.  twin, double or partner – subconscious – moon (two crystals intergrown)

To use the oracle, I roll or shake the crystals in my hand, throw them on the table, and read their orientations and positions relative to each other.  It’s surprisingly powerful for occasional use to get a sense of direction and atmosphere on large questions that will probably develop slowly.  It seems to be quite personal and I haven’t tried to use it for anyone else.  Unlike the Tarot or the I Ching, it isn’t suitable for everyday use or for situations that are changing quickly.  This oracle has a clarity and timeless feel that probably comes from the transparency of the crystals, their sharp-edged shapes, and their double points.  The dark cores add a sense of depth, movement, and mystery, like black water flowing under ice.  Pebbles and many other items could be used the same way, but the feel of the oracle would be different.


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  2. Satori said

    What a beautiful and useful system. I love your crystals. The unique shapes and personality of each stone makes them fairly leap off the screen pregnant with meaning. Thanks for sharing.

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