Desert Ferns Webpages

November 16, 2007

Today I uploaded my webpages on Arizona’s xerophytic ferns.  There is an introductory page and a field guide.  It’s not finished, but comments and suggestions are welcome.

I won’t be able to photograph more ferns until the winter rains bring them back to life, so the project will be on the shelf until after the Winter Solstice.  Meanwhile,  here’s a red-spotted toad contemplating Argyrochosma jonesii growing in a cool shady limestone hollow under saguaros.

red spotted toad and fern


One Response to “Desert Ferns Webpages”

  1. Debbie said

    The color of this fern is so beautiful – almost metallic in nature.. And the toad is such an interesting contrast in color and texture. Beautiful picture.

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