Tiny Pod Knife

November 20, 2007

Tiny Pod Knife

Here’s a tiny version of the Fish Pod Knife that is on my Knives webpage.  The design is taken from a beautifully forged 19th century antique Chinese fisherman’s knife that I bought a few years ago.  This one is only 2 1/4 inches long and is forged from a 4″ cut nail that was divided into three pieces to make the pod, blade, and rivet.  It was just an experimental piece and doesn’t have a fancy finish – it will probably adorn a fabric bag or a bell chain.  Now I want to try making the pod out of silver or copper.


One Response to “Tiny Pod Knife”

  1. Steve said

    Excellent forging work. These knives/scissors can be opened one-handed: Hold closed blade in two fingers of one hand while you rotate blade around pivot pin as pointy end of handle (marlin spike?) rests on a firm surface.

    I believe that they work as a scissors and as a knife. A multi-tool! There are similar ones available on ebay and can be found using key words: antique chinese fish knife.

    Thank you for your generous work here. All th best, Steve in Oregon.

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