Two Blue Necklaces

November 28, 2007

I re-strung a strand of frosted aquamarine beads and added a pendant that I made a couple of years ago:  it’s rare Blue Ice chalcedony from Greenland.  I bought the cabochon because it looks exactly like a Greenland glacier.  The forged silver hook is inspired by Viking silver designs.  A wintry necklace with the quiet clarity of ancient ice, to wear with iron earrings.

ice necklace

I also took apart a multi-stone necklace from Pakistan, salvaging only the strand of Afghani lapis beads and the silver clasp.  I added antique African carnelian beads, a green Chinese turquoise donut, and copper spirals.  Three stones that have been precious for thousands of years, in a design that could have come from almost anywhere in the ancient world.  More colorful than anything I usually wear, but it matches my fancy embroidered Indian dress.

turquoise lapis carnelian necklace


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  1. judithornot said

    Lorena, you create the most beautiful jewelry! I love pieces that are more about the stone(s) than the setting, but your settings are so “organic” — such a friendly feeling!

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