Glacier Priestess Necklace

December 11, 2007

To celebrate my birthday (yesterday) and the cold rainy weather (the first significant winter rain since early 2005), I finished this necklace, which is inspired by the Tarot High Priestess.  The pendant is fossil mammoth ivory that I cut and polished to highlight a rare and beautiful blue vivianite “eye” pattern.  The back is hot-forged sterling silver set with an eye agate.  The beads are blue lace agate, cut in the style of ancient stone beads – no two are the same size or thickness, and they have a smooth frosted finish, not a high polish.  This was a prototype strand that I bought at the gem show a few years ago from the same Chinese gem cutter who made my frosted aquamarine beads.  Unfortunately, she did not make any more frosted beads because most buyers prefer the high polish.  The necklace is strung as a choker to fit me, but I have enough beads to add nearly four inches if the buyer wants it restrung longer….and I kept back a couple of odd larger beads for a pair of earrings.


 Glacier Priestess Necklacemammoth ivory pendantmammoth ivory pendanteye agate


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