Stick Oracle: First Quarter Moon

January 14, 2008

stick oracle card

Just in time for the First Quarter Moon – the corresponding card in my Stick Oracle, showing two forked staves marking the confluence of two creeks.  Although carefully sketched before inking, these Stick cards (six so far, with two to go) have had a lot of reworking as each develops on the way to the completed drawing.  When they are done, I will make minor changes in all of them to improve the way they fit together.  All are powerful images for me, from long ago and far away – they seem to have always been with me.  Although several of them have motifs in common with the Wands in the Tarot, they are more complex than that (for example, they have water as well as wood and stone). 


4 Responses to “Stick Oracle: First Quarter Moon”

  1. sravana said

    Are you going to publish any of these other oracles you’ve been creating? I’m very interested in this one and the pomegranate oracle you mentioned months ago!

  2. ironwing said

    They are all part of the same project – a set of several small nature-based oracle decks and a workbook that will explain their use and explore how to create and develop a personal oracle. It will be self-published. I’m hoping to get it finished (or very close to it) this year so I can print it next year.

  3. sravana said

    Very good! I’m delighted to hear that. I’m so happy with your Tarot… I’d love to have more of your art. 🙂

  4. Debbie said

    Me, too!

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