Stick Oracle – finished

February 2, 2008

I finished the last of the Stick drawings.  This one represents the Third Quarter Moon.  For some reason, this is the most stylized and least realistic of the series, though that wasn’t intentional.  Minor changes will be made in a couple of the drawings before printing, but for now you can see how they all look together on the Moon Oracle page:

The 8 Sticks are only half of a 16-card oracle.  With the next moon, I’ll begin drawing the 8 Stones that will complete the project.

Stick Oracle - Third Quarter Moon

2 Responses to “Stick Oracle – finished”

  1. Wendy Munro said

    This is so good – will you ever publish? Even as a limited run?

  2. ironwing said

    Yes, as part of a larger project – I’m re-doing one of the images and modifying some others, and writing text to go with it. No scanner or image manipulation/management capability at the moment – we just got a new computer and none of the old familiar stuff works with it – so it will be awhile before I can post much new on this project.

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