Tibetan Snow Lion Doll

March 4, 2008

For this Moon, I took a break from designing oracles and took a commission for a shaman’s doll – this Tibetan Snow Lion, with blanket, iron bells and tent stakes, and shaman’s mirror.  I enjoyed making him so much that I want to make another lion, but I’ll probably take my time about finishing that one, and get back to other projects.

Description and more photos on this page:


snow lion doll

2 Responses to “Tibetan Snow Lion Doll”

  1. I particularly like the way you’ve embroidered the nose pad, it very much fits the theme.

    The patience you must have to do the manes on these dolls is staggering. I know it would defeat me and I’d run screaming from the room.

  2. Karin said

    I’ve just understood what’s the purpose of dolls.

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