Silver Hoard

April 6, 2008

silver hoard

I’ve been refining my forging skill with the Moon Metal.  Silver holds more tension than my “comfort metals”, iron and copper.  So working with it requires a mix of emotional intensity, fearlessness, and desire for change.  In other words, I do it when old attitudes or routines don’t work anymore.  I’m not really “at home” with silver, but I’ve learned to greet it as an old friend and challenger on the road.

The wand/hairpin is 5.5″ long, hot-forged from a sterling silver rod with the same techniques that I use for iron wands.  The pod knife is a work in progress, since it still needs a chain and a bag.  The blade is high-carbon steel.  The pod is heavy silver sheet with a “spine” of forged silver and a copper wire rivet.  The earrings are turquoise (natural nugget from Mexico, bead from Tibet) with Mexican pink ceramic beads. 


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