Copper Pod Bell Chain

May 12, 2008

Forged iron and copper necklaces are my most time-consuming and intricate metalwork projects, but they are spectacular, durable, and fun to wear.  This copper chain with pods and cone bells took far longer than I expected, mostly because it requires more polishing than iron.   Made entirely of hot-forged and cold-hammered recycled copper wire in various sizes (14, 10, 6, and 8 gauge).  The bright bare Red Metal sparkles against a copper ore boulder.  It will look better as it tarnishes with wear, since no newly-polished shine can compare with the beautiful warm brown glow of heavily-worn copper.

copper pod necklace


4 Responses to “Copper Pod Bell Chain”

  1. judithornot said

    My gosh that’s beautiful! And no wonder it took you so long — there are so many twists and curls to it.

  2. debra said

    I’m curious to know how much something like this weighs. Your iron and copper jewelry is lovely but the iron work in particular looks heavy. When you wear it, are you “weighed down” or “grounded” I wonder.

  3. ironwing said

    Iron is lighter for its size than copper or silver, so people are often surprised that my iron jewelry does not feel heavy. The black color fools the eye, too, since people often expect dark things to be heavier. My necklaces are carefully balanced to drape comfortably (though it’s still more metal than most people are used to wearing), and the earrings are made from very small pieces of iron (often hammered very thin). The wire fringe earrings have lots of moving parts, which makes them feel lighter.
    I don’t feel weighed down by the jewelry, but obviously I like to wear it (I’m not comfortable at all with gold, and I have to be in the right mood to wear silver or it feels too glittery.) I’m already so well grounded that I scare people, so maybe I find the iron comforting because it’s familiar, not because it offers something I lack. But this type of thing is very subjective. I’ve found that if someone is drawn to my work, they will enjoy wearing it. If they are ambivalent, it may depend on the specific piece.

  4. debra said

    Everything you say here surprises me–thank you! I’ve certainly learned a lot today!

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