Lepidolite Shisha Mirror

August 18, 2008

Here’s an experiment with shisha mirror embroidery, since I want to use it in several projects.  Instead of the usual glass mirrors, I tried a thinner version cut from a sheet of polished aluminum that was left over from one of our tubular skylight installations.  It’s easier to work with than glass, and I can cut it to any size or shape.  In the photo, the left mirror is aluminum.  The one on the right is translucent lepidolite mica, backed with aluminum to make it more reflective and bring out the beautiful pearly lavender color.

If I’m in the mood for it, embroidery work can be peaceful and satisfying, which is why I spent the Full Moon doing that instead of something more exciting.  Beluga kitty had a couple of seizures (they tend to occur more often at the New and Full Moons) and I wanted to calm my own energy and that of the house, since he is very sensitive to these things – he spends much of his time in the doorway to my studio or the hallway just outside, which is essentially the “crossroads” of the house.


3 Responses to “Lepidolite Shisha Mirror”

  1. debra said

    I’ve wondered how your cats are doing and what you have been creating. I also find embroidery soothing. Mica over aluminum as a mirror–what an inspiration.

  2. Judith said

    Love the beautiful lepidolite color. Our cats prefer the crossroads, too. We call them their “lay lines.” 🙂

  3. mybloomnart said

    your embroidery is very pretty and such a cool idea!

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