More Shisha: Mirror Shirt and Forge Banner

August 30, 2008

Awhile ago I bought fabric to make a banner for my blacksmith shop.  The shop isn’t open to the public and I don’t do fairs or demonstrate anymore, but I thought it would be fun just to brighten up the place.  The fabric is a one-yard cotton ombre print.  The anvil is black cotton stitched on by machine, with the edges hand-embroidered in herringbone stitch with dark green thread, and the anvil contours done in gray split stitch.  The veve for Ogun Ferraille, the blacksmith’s loa, is embroidered in white pearl cotton.  Aluminum mirrors are embroidered on in three shades of purple.

I found a brand new melon-colored blouse at a local thrift shop, a lovely nearly-iridescent “shot” cotton that demanded some ribbons and embroidered decoration.  Here’s the result:


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