Labyrinth Dress

October 14, 2008

Just finished this loose-fitting cotton jumper/pinafore dress, embroidered with brass, copper, and aluminum shisha mirrors along the hem, a labyrinth with a brass sun on the front, and a reverse labyrinth with copper moon and aluminum star on the back.  It’s meant to be worn over a gray or black t-shirt or a natural white long-sleeved shirt.  The fabric is a Japanese-inspired faux patchwork print that required extra work to match the pleats and seams, but it was worth it – I love the soothing earthy colors and subtle patterns, and am looking forward to making an embroidered shoulder bag with the leftovers.


3 Responses to “Labyrinth Dress”

  1. judithornot said

    I love the practical art you create, Lorena. It is lovely! 🙂

  2. I really like the labyrinth motifs. Will look forward to seeing the embroidered bag as I do lots of embroidery myself.

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