Copper Cat Mask

October 20, 2008

Just finished this hammered copper cat mask as I begin to prepare for Tucson’s All Souls Procession on November 2.  This procession to honor the dead is an annual event that grows bigger and livelier each year, with a mood somewhere between Mardi Gras and Burning Man.  There are hundreds of people walking (many dressed in skeleton costumes), some of them pulling carettas (wheeled shrines) or carrying giant puppet heads.  Also in the noisy crowd are drummers, dancers, musicians, incense-bearers, and others, turning Tucson’s grim, ugly downtown streets into a chaotic urban gate to the Underworld.  The grand finale is the burning of the Urn, a giant vessel filled with people’s prayers, photos, names of the dead, and other things to be released from the previous year.

The official Tucson All Souls Procession website:

The mask is 6 inches wide and carefully designed and shaped to fit me so I can wear it in the procession or while visiting neighbors on Halloween…and it looks cool hanging on the wall, too.


5 Responses to “Copper Cat Mask”

  1. Debbie said

    That is so beautiful! You will look very mysterious in it. Wish we had such a festival here in Chicago.

  2. debra said

    A lovely form. I would love to see how the patina develops on it.

  3. ironwing said

    If left alone, the copper will naturally develop a warm brown patina. I thought about turning it black (requires a sulfur compound) or green (requires ammonia, which can be done with bottled patina compounds or simply by burying the object in a well-used litterbox for a couple of days). But the shiny copper will look more dramatic and visible at night.

  4. debra said

    Ah ha. Chemistry.

    Could we see a photo of yourself wearing it? I am interested that you made it to fit your face…unlike so many masks!

  5. I’d like to know what kind of outfit you’ll wear with it, skeleton or other, so a picture would be great. I can imagine the copper picking up the light from electricity at night. Very beautiful.

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