Copper Pod Knife with Amber

October 26, 2008

This folding knife was made on commission.  It is the same design as my pod knives except that the “pod” or blade keeper is made from recycled copper tubing, slit and polished, flared at the end, and given a slight decorative hammer texture.  The knife (blade and pod) is 3.5″ long.  The rivet is sterling silver.  The chain is copper with tumbled Baltic amber chip beads.  These beads are becoming increasingly difficult to find due to tighter export regulations. Most Baltic amber now enters this country in finished silver jewelry, rather than as the rough pieces or strands of beads that used to be readily available. 



One Response to “Copper Pod Knife with Amber”

  1. You do incredible work and I am very inspired-your artistry speaks to me in a very deep way. Thank you for doing your heart’s work. I would be interested in talking with you about doing a pendant for me…have you ever done anything with fertility/pregnant symbology? I am a doula and would love something to wear that embraces my work. Thank you, love and light.

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