Two Mirror Shirts

October 30, 2008

Three new items to wear this winter, decorated with shisha mirrors.  I went a bit wild with them, since I get all kinds of comments on my weird clothes anyway.  One of the benefits of being “too strange for the Village” (Daniel Deardorff’s words in his book, THE OTHER WITHIN) is that you can wear whatever makes you happy, since everybody will always know you for a freak, even if you are dressed like Them.


LEFT:  Flannel jumper with a flannel shirt.  The jumper has a black band embroidered with red and white just above the hem.  The motif (teardrop/feather/pomegranate seed?) matches the fabric. 

RIGHT:  The black cotton shirt is to wear under the labyrinth dress that I finished a couple of weeks ago.  The dress is shown here:


4 Responses to “Two Mirror Shirts”

  1. Debbie said

    Oooh, I wondered what you would be wearing with that labyrinth jumper… I love your clothes and wish I could be so bold in my line of work.

  2. Fabeku said

    Here’s to unbridled freedom to express the beauty of the soul! Beautiful work.

  3. debra said

    I like seeing how you use and reuse old materials.

    On another subject, I see you are working on a Black Cat oracle deck. Hope you don’t mind that I’ve put notice of it and a link to your site at Aeclectic Tarot:

  4. debra said

    Oh my. I just realized that the bag you made for the iron pod necklace also has a mirror and embroidery. What skillful needlework.

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