All Souls Procession Costume

November 11, 2008

We walked in the Tucson All Souls Procession on Sunday night.  We put our items in the urn but did not stay for the finale, which is almost impossible to see unless you’re on the front row of the crowd, and there is at least an hour’s wait for it after the procession while the crowd mills around in the dark, bombarded by soulless ambient electronic music.  Unfortunately the main organizers of the finale are better at performance than ritual.  But the procession itself remains compelling and truly powerful, because it relies on participation from everyone.  It’s timless, yet a bit different each year.  Here’s what I wore:


5 Responses to “All Souls Procession Costume”

  1. debra said

    I can’t imagine a more appropriate and moving ceremonial costume. The mask really suits you, as you said.

  2. Beth said

    That’s awesome! I wish Seattle had an All Souls parade! I’d like to hear how that beautiful mask was made.

  3. Fabeku said

    Absolutely incredible! The mask looks amazing, and the entire outfit has a strong and clear presence. Thanks for sharing a photo.

  4. Great, thanks for posting a visual.

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