New Camera and Cat Photos

November 21, 2008

My camera is wearing out – I guess eight years old is ancient for a digital point-and-shoot – so we recently upgraded to a digital SLR.  We’ve been taking photos of landscapes and cats while eagerly awaiting the new macro lens for closeup pictures.  The color is amazingly accurate.  For this pendant that I finished yesterday, all the metals show up true to color, and none is too dark or light:

This photo of a Mexican blue oak (Quercus oblongifolia) among rhyolite outcrops in the Atascosa Mountains made me very happy:

The new camera also takes wonderful kitty photos, and I now have a Flickr page for my cat pictures and a few other things.

Click on the “My Cats” set on the right side of the page to see all the cat photos.


One Response to “New Camera and Cat Photos”

  1. Maia was a lovely cat–looks like your lion dolls. I had a black cat like Ararat who was also a secret Siamese! My favourite picture was “Smally and Her Tabby.” I used to have two Siamese that slept on top of each other–I called them The Bunkbed Boys.

    Beluga is amazing in that picture where he looks like a black jaguar–he really does. I’m so glad he is fitting in, even with his awful seizures.

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