A New Blanket for Rainbow Lion

December 9, 2008

I made Rainbow Lion back in March but was never happy with his blanket. I also realized that the iron didn’t suit him, even though it was perfect for the other two lions. So I took off the iron bells and made a flannel blanket with sparkly aluminum shisha mirrors decorated with variegated embroidery thread, and added the iridescent glass beads and copper spirals from the original blanket.  I really don’t know where this guy came from – he’s definitely not the type of work I prefer to do – too much “white light” – and I’m often uncomfortable with such bright colors.  But I hope he’ll be perfect for someone.  Larger photos are here:




3 Responses to “A New Blanket for Rainbow Lion”

  1. Karin said

    Silver instead of copper would be even better.

  2. ironwing said

    Ha! Not at a spot price of $25 an ounce! Seriously, the copper will look better once it gets a bit more tarnish. Right now it’s in the “awkward stage” where it’s no longer pretty and shiny but lacks the softness of the brown patina that it will ultimately have. And silver would require polishing. I nearly left the metal off this one altogether, but the blanket looked rather insubstantial without it.

  3. debra said

    The variagated thread on the mirrors is a particularly inspired touch. Wonderful. My favorite of your lions is the Green one.

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