Texas Desert Fern Photos

December 24, 2008

I recently reviewed Roy Morey’s book, Little Big Bend.  Mr.  Morey has sent me some of his beautiful Texas fern photographs and given me permission to use them to create a new online guide to Trans-Pecos Xerophytic FernsThis page is very similar to my online guide to Arizona Xerophytic Ferns.  Although incomplete, this expansion will make the project more interesting and useful, and I think the new photos are lovely even if you aren’t a fernhunter!

Notholaena copelandii

Notholaena copelandii

GARDEN OF DIVERSITY:  Arizona and Texas each have 37 species of true xerophytic “resurrection ferns”.  27 of these grow in both states.  California has about 20 species that do not occur outside the state, and shares half a dozen others with Arizona.  These numbers do NOT include genera that are not (or not quite) xerophytes but sometimes grow in company with xerophytes in the rare damp, shady nooks in desert canyons (Asplenium, Adiantum, Polypodium, Woodsia, Cystopteris etc.)  It also doesn’t include humid-climate ferns with a more northern and/or eastern distribution that grow at high elevations in the evergreen forests of the Southwestern mountains.


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