Healing Impy

December 26, 2008

Impy, our seven year old “Black Cat #1” , got very sick a couple of weeks ago.  He has already used up several of his nine lives – he was a rescued stray who had lived outside for several months before we trapped him in 2003.  He arrived with an abscessed bite wound on his shoulder that needed surgery, and was partially blind due to taurine deficiency from malnutrition.  A year later he survived a near-fatal bout of pancreatitis.  His recent illness was just as frightening, since he quit eating and showed signs of dementia, worsening blindness,  and depression.  He tested positive for toxoplasmosis.  After a few days of antibiotic treatment, he is much better, and we have our happy, active, loving, mischievous kitty back!



In Memoriam:  2004 TSUNAMI



2 Responses to “Healing Impy”

  1. Debbie said

    Glad to hear that Impy is on the mend – wouldn’t want you to be missing on of the seven Ebonaires!

  2. Fabeku said

    I’m so glad to hear Impy’s doing better. Excellent news!

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