Shaman’s Bells…and a request

March 31, 2009

I’ve been forging iron jewelry, shaman’s bells, and other magical iron objects for nearly 15 years, and am still experimenting with different styles and designs.  It makes me happy and feels like something I’m “supposed” to do. 



I’ve been asked to write an article for Sacred Hoop about my blacksmithing and shamanic work.  The magazine explores modern shamanic practice and its connection to various aspects of traditional shamanism.  So the article needs to be more than just a description of how I work (as a shaman and a blacksmith) and what I make.  It needs examples that illustrate why and how people use the shamanic or ritual objects that I have made.  The point is not to write a long advertisement for my work!  Instead, I want to show that forged iron “shaman’s tools” are being made and used in powerful, living, and evolving ways – they are not simply a historical curiosity to be found only in museums.

I have a request:  If  you have bought one of my iron items – a bell, a piece of jewelry, a blade, or whatever – and would like to explain how you use it, what it does for you, and anything else of interest – please send me an e-mail (OR if you don’t mind other people reading your story, you can simply comment on this post).  Please also let me know whether you’re comfortable with me quoting from your story or including some of its details in the article.  I won’t be using people’s names.

Thank you all!


4 Responses to “Shaman’s Bells…and a request”

  1. debra said

    I wear your pod necklace when I read tarot cards at a local metaphysical shop. I find myself stroking and playing with it during readings; it seems comforting and grounding and I like the rattling sound it makes. It simply appeals. I don’t know if this is magic, but it is aesthetically pleasing in all respects.

    Well, and a funny story: I had it on at the shop during the monthly potlatch dinner and spirituality circle discussion. It caught the eye of a regular there, who came over to see it closer, exclaiming, “What is that? Oh I see! It’s a little vagina!”

  2. Nickie said

    The ritual items I’ve purchased from you over the years have greatly enriched my ritual work.
    I wear your ritual knife earrings (with copper coils) almost every day; they help with protection and discernment. I have a set of knife earrings with mammoth ivory beads that I wear for ritual occasions, particularly when I am contacting ancestors (of myself or others) or doing certain types of ritual where ancient bone is a help.

  3. Nickie said

    Sorry, I hit tab and it posted my previous reply before I was ready to send…
    I have a shaman’s bell made for a drum. I usually tie it to my wrist when I rattle or play my large crystal bowl. The Underworld feel of the iron bells and the Upperworld feel of the crystal bell are particularly powerful together. I wear the bell when I read Tarot in public, or during ritual when I want to activate or protect my heart or throat chakras.
    Please feel to share any of my comments that you wish.

  4. heidi said

    Congratulations! Iam looking forward to your article, very cool.

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