Bell Sounds and a New Bell

August 8, 2009

I’ve made some small videos of several iron bells.

See and hear them ringing on this Youtube page:

Descriptions and prices are on the Iron Bells webpage:

Here’s the newest bell.  It’s the same triple-nested design that I used for the All Souls Procession Bell, in which the smaller bells act as clappers for the larger ones.  But this one is more compact, with the smaller bells hanging neatly inside the big one, and a hidden button-style clapper inside the smallest.  No fancy chain on this one – just a riveted, reverse-twisted link for carrying or holding a cord.  This simple bell is made for travelling, with nothing to snag on fabric or get in the way.  Not showy, just useful.  And loud! 

Traveller's Bell - top view

Traveller's Bell - top view


Traveller's Bell - underside

Traveller's Bell - underside


2 Responses to “Bell Sounds and a New Bell”

  1. Debbie said

    I love the new bell, and enjoyed hearing all of them ring.

  2. debra said

    These are lovely. I miss seeing updates on your art and science projects.

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