Ironwing Tarot: Free Book Download

November 25, 2009

Ironwing Tarot Book

December 2009 is the fifth anniversary of the publication of the Ironwing Tarot.  Although the full 78-card deck/book set sold out 18 months ago, I still get occasional requests for copies of the deck and/or book.  Since I don’t plan to reprint the deck, I’ve decided to make the book available for free download from my website.   

Download the Ironwing Tarot Book HERE.  (.pdf file, 6.7 mb)


The 112-page book is intended to print on half-sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch paper, so you’ll need to cut the printed sheets in half and assemble them.  (A note to collectors:  The version that I sold with the deck had a black spiral binding but otherwise looked no different from what you’d print on a home computer.)  The book includes background material about iron geology, blacksmithing, and shamanism.  There are detailed descriptions and a tiny image for each card, several spreads and creative exercises, a few poems, and some other odds and ends.  All of it is intended to make the deck more interesting and usable.  The entire book is black and white, including the images for the Major Arcana, so you don’t need a color printer.

Needless to say, the Ironwing Tarot deck and book are protected by copyright.  Feel free to download the book for your personal use, but not for publication or resale.

I have NO copies of the 78-card deck available for sale.  Decks can sometimes be found for trade on various Tarot forums and occasionally on Ebay.  I am not currently a member of any online Tarot communities, and have stepped away from that world to work on other things (including the Black Cat Deck, which is non-Tarot).

To everyone who has purchased a deck and/or offered their comments about it, either online or privately:  Thank you very much for your support, interest, and contribution.  It was a great project and I have enjoyed sharing it with everyone.


4 Responses to “Ironwing Tarot: Free Book Download”

  1. Debbie said

    More to be thankful for – I still have the deck and the book but it will be fun to use the book online – especially to search quickly! Thanks for all of it!

  2. I love my deck and have the full 78-card deck from when you first published it. The book is fantastic for connecting to the cards and symbolism, plus just very interesting with your comments about the natural world and metalwork.

    I have my deck in a dark brown brocade-covered box which really sets off the colours: richly brown, like earthy loam.

  3. Victoria said

    Oh Lorena, thank you!
    I received my Majors deck today, so beautiful that I am speechless.
    I still put out my positive energy for the full 78 deck; however, until that time comes to pass for me, I will study the 22 cards and the online book will help so much.
    I know this is the ONE deck for me. Now, I just bide my time until it decides it must be with me too.
    Thank you again,
    Victoria Parker

  4. debra said

    Thank you! I’ll post a link on the fora I belong to.

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