New Dresses

January 22, 2010

I made some new clothes to replace several things that wore out last summer.  This is a dress pattern that I made in 2002 and have used several times.  My cotton dresses last for about five years (sometimes more) of regular wear.  They start out as “nice” clothes and are relegated to hiking wear and finally to house and/or shop clothes before they finally fall apart.

The first dress is made of four Bali batiks and is unadorned except for decorative patches above the hem (three small ones in front, one larger one in back).  The second dress is made from a cotton print that is sold for 1860s historical reenactment clothing.  The pattern was modified to give it a larger collar, curved waist, and skirt ruffle.  There is hand embroidery on the collar, cuffs, and skirt.

Purple Batik Dress

Embroidered Calico Dress


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  1. Karin said

    batik dress exquisite!

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