Fabric Cat Mask Pattern

February 4, 2010

I recently posted about my Feral Black Cat Mask made from cotton fabric.  Here’s the white version, for which I shortened the pattern so it covers a bit less of the face.  Snowball the Shelter Ghost Mask is made from undyed 60%hemp/40%cotton muslin, a single layer of cotton batting, and a backing of unbleached cotton muslin.  This mask is hand-embroidered with three sizes of pearl cotton thread, handcut polished aluminum shisha mirrors, and tassels of Nepalese undyed recycled silk yarn.  A larger photo is available on my Flickr page.

Snowball the Shelter Ghost

FABRIC MASKS have several advantages over leather, papier-mache, or metal masks.  They are soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear.  They are not messy to make, require no special equipment beyond basic handsewing materials, and are suitable for a variety of quilting, embroidery, and embellishment techniques.

This 2-D half-mask covers only the upper half of the face.  It can be made very simply from a single piece of heavy nonfraying fabric such as leather,ultrasuede, or felt.  But for most fabrics you will need a front piece and a lining, and some way to bind the edges if you don’t want to stitch the two pieces inside out and turn them.  I chose to stitch both masks right side out and bind the edges with buttonhole stitch, which is time-consuming but very elegant looking.  It also adds weight and stiffness to the finished mask.

Below is the pattern for both masks.  You can download a large printable version for free HERE.  The outer line is the cutting line.  There are two variations for the bottom corners of the mask.  I used the longer, downcurved points for the black mask, to anchor for the metal ornaments.  I used the shorter horizontal points for the white mask, to give a lighter look.  The other lines are the quilting pattern that I designed for the black mask.

ADJUSTING THE EYEHOLES:  Before using a pattern, you may need to adjust the size and/or position of the eyeholes.  Trace the pattern onto a piece of scrap paper and cut it out, including the eyeholes.  Hold the pattern up to your face and look in the mirror.  You should have a clear, unobstructed view through the eyeholes.  Mark any needed adjustments, redraw it with your “custom-fitted” eyeholes, and check the fit with a second tracing of the paper pattern.  Once you are satisfied with the position of the eyeholes, you’re ready to make the mask.

Fabric Cat Mask Pattern

Fabric Cat Mask Pattern

Here’s a comparison photo of both masks.  Although the black one was cut from the longer pattern, it’s a smaller mask because I used a wider seam allowance than the one shown on the pattern.

Fabric Cat Masks


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  1. debra said

    These are wonderful. Thanks for including the pattern and advice.
    All masks are difficult to wear with eyeglasses, alas.

  2. Debbie said

    What no silver bells on the white mask? They look lovely and fascinating.

  3. Dream Poet Lady said

    the pattern pdf isn’t complete. it cuts off. I’d love the whole thing so I could make one myself. Thanks!

  4. Do you have a complete copy of the download-able cat mask pattern? It’s cut off on the bottom.

  5. Forgot to say I think the mask is wonderful 🙂

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