Two of Hearts – Agate Amulet

March 31, 2010

Two of Hearts Amulet

This Two of Hearts Amulet is made from 14-gauge copper and black steel wire, with a double-sided cabochon that I cut from the center of a slab of translucent white Brazilian agate.  The heart-shaped design in the stone is completely natural and literally represents the “heart” of a thunderegg (a solid round agate nodule).  It’s a layer of pale orange chalcedony, and the white chalcedony inside it is speckled with tiny red hematite dots.  A sturdy pendant with an earthy presence that is unusual for heart-shaped jewelry.  Total length is 3.5 inches.  The back isn’t spectacular, but the drilled double-sided cabochon/bead (instead of a traditional bezel setting backed with metal) shows off more of the soft, subtle bluish-white color of the agate.

Two of Hearts Amulet - Back

I cut half a dozen more cabochon blanks from this slab, with different shapes and interesting banded or “eye” patterns in white/red/yellow/black.  I’m working some of them into pieces of jewelry, but I really bought the stone for the the simple, unique heart design at the center.


2 Responses to “Two of Hearts – Agate Amulet”

  1. Karin said

    The back looks like a heart with a pair of owl eyes peering out…

  2. woley said

    I love using cabs. Great to see someone cutting and polishing their own. They are so expensive to buy.

    Agates are my favourite stones, I especially like the softer-coloured ones. They remind me of ice cream. That could be dangerous.

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