Sunrise Moon Pendant

June 7, 2010

Sunrise Moon Cabochon

I cut this cabochon from the same Brazilian agate slab as the Two of Hearts pendant.  It’s smaller, a bit more colorful, and is a traditional low-dome, flat-backed cab, a bit less than one inch in diameter.  Sanded and polished by hand.  The subtle peach, yellow, tan, and white swirls, with a tiny round pale blue dot, reminded me of the full moon setting at sunrise.  Fine silver bezel, sterling silver bail, and copper back.  It has a steel wire decoration and a leather cord with copper wire hooks.

Sunrise Moon Necklace

The cabochon pendant also looks nice by itself on a cord, and would look good on a strand of pearls or stone beads.  So I’ll be offering it for sale either as the necklace shown above (with the cord cut to the buyer’s specified length), or just the cabochon pendant, with or without a cord.   I can also shorten the bail if needed – it’s quite large now, to accomodate the wire decoration or a 4mm leather cord.


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  1. Debbie said

    This is very beautiful – and such a different mood from the heart one. Lovely.

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