Picture Jasper Pendants

July 3, 2010

I just finished two Oregon picture jasper amulet pendants.  Both are completely reversible and feature double-sided hand-polished discs (a soft polish, since this particular slab didn’t take a mirror shine).  It’s rare to find picture jasper with attractive “scenes” in the same places on both sides of the slab, so cabochons are usually cut with a landscape design on the front and a nondescript pattern on the back.  This slab had TWO unusual designs that were equally interesting on both sides, so I cut two discs, each with a channel around the edge for a black steel wire bezel.  The discs are hung from handmade sterling silver “swivel” beads; each has been bur-textured but this is more obvious on the larger bead.  The copper beads are made from recycled tubing.  SACRED MOUNTAIN is three inches long, and the disc is 1 3/8 inches in diameter.  ROCK SHELTER is 2 1/2 inches long, with a 1 1/4 inch disc.  Both are available on my website.

Sacred Mountain Amulet Pendant

 A high, remote peak, now weathered and ice-worn, with a cooling volcanic and plutonic heart.  A pilgrimage site for a long climb, or simply a strong, inspiring presence on the near horizon.

Rock Shelter Amulet Pendant

A niche in water-carved sandstone, holding buried memories of glaciers, with a view of the wide sky over the High Plains.

This picture jasper Big Cat Claw is a work in progress.  The carving and its silver setting are finished, and it looks great on a leather cord.  But I want something fancier for this flashy piece.   I’m forging an iron hook, and may use two hammered pieces of heavy copper wire instead of a cord.  The bezel-set part of the carving is relief-carved on the front and flat on the reverse side, with a silver backing.  The tip of the claw is carved in the round.

Picture Jasper Big Cat Claw


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  1. weaselgal said

    These are stunning pieces! I’m especially taken by the cat claw one. (what can I say, I’m a cat fanatic) The wire work framing the stones is just lovely. I do jewelry too, but I’ve never been able to get the hang of it. I have a strong feeling I’ll be paying another visit to your blog.

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