Picture Jasper Big Cat Claw

July 31, 2010

Finally finished this Picture Jasper Big Cat Claw necklace.  The Oregon jasper pendant is 2 inches long and is about actual size for a large lion claw.  It is carved in low relief in front with a flat back (the slice wasn’t thick enough to carve both sides in relief) and has a soft polish.  The bezel is rather wide and is highly polished hammer-textured fine silver.  The backing is heavy sterling silver with forged accents.  The pendant is suspended from a hole in the forged iron crescent.  The iron is tapered and twisted, deliberately asymmetrical to complement the asymmetry of the pendant.  Copper ornaments are 14-gauge wire spirals.  The 4mm leather cord hooks onto a hidden loop on one of the copper spirals to fasten the necklace.  Although not particularly heavy, this is a substantial necklace with a lot of presence.  It fits best at a little longer than choker length.

Picture Jasper Big Cat Claw Necklace

Picture Jasper Big Cat Claw Pendant

Pendant Back


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  1. Alysha said

    Very cool.

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