Hand Forged Pod Knife

August 14, 2010

Hand Forged Pod Knife

A new knife.  Inspired by antique Chinese fishermen’s knives, which have shorter and thicker blades than most Western pocket knives, making them more of a challenge to sharpen but less likely to break.  I use mine for cutting string etc.  I’ve made several of these but no two are alike – the shape of the blades and pods are all a bit different.

 Blade is forged from 1095 high-carbon steel, drilled, carved, and polished.  Holes are decorative and also make the blade lighter in weight without compromising its strength.  Pod is forged from mild steel, bur-textured with a subtle horizontal ribbed pattern.  Has a decorative hole and a short blunt point.  The blade swings freely on its steel rivet and does not lock.  Pod is 2 3/4 inches long, on a 7-inch black steel wire chain with forged hook for attaching to a belt loop etc.  Can also be worn as a pendant if the chain is removed and a cord strung through the oversized steel ring on the blade’s loop.  Blade and pod have been blackened in peanut oil but will become dark shiny gray with wear.  Some of the black finish has been polished off the sides of the pod to emphasize the texture of the metal and to polish the rivet.

Pod Knife


5 Responses to “Hand Forged Pod Knife”

  1. Gary O said

    This looks like it would be very satisfying to handle, with its subtle curves and holes, and reassuring and powerful to carry. Do you make any of these for purchase?

  2. ironwing said

    Yes, this one is available and I have three others in progress:
    1. Similar in size to the one in the photo, but the blade has three holes in graduated sizes. Iron pod will be shorter, with a longer spike.
    2. Smaller, jewelry-sized blade with a wavy, irregular silver pod.
    3. Narrower blade with a silver pod and a long, ball-tipped spike. This one has already been featured on the blog (under the “Silver Hoard” post) but I’m replacing the drilled pebble with a different ornament.

    E-mail me through http://www.mineralarts.com if you’d like more info and prices. Thank you for your very kind comments!

  3. Karin said

    Can you make a ring containing a blade, that is actuated by the thumb on the ring band?

  4. tara linda said

    Beautiful Lorena!
    😉 t-linda

  5. ironwing said

    Thank you! It went to a great home! I’m finishing a small one with a silver pod now.

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