Website Changes

August 15, 2010

I’ll be updating the Mineralarts website in the next few weeks.  We’ve set up our new computer and found that some of our software – including Netscape Composer, which I’ve used to make webpages since 2000 – is obsolete and won’t work with the new machine.  We also have to get a new scanner. 

The website still works fine, and the Ironwing Tarot and many of the cactus pages are already in “archive” status since they are no longer updated.  But the artwork homepage, the metalworking pages, and a couple of others need to be redesigned (and are overdue for a makeover anyway).  Until they’re done, I won’t be adding new metalwork or other art to the website.  I’ll still be posting photos and updates here on the blog, but WordPress doesn’t allow me to include the prices.  So if you’re interested in a piece that appears here but is not on the website, simply send me an inquiry via the e-mail link on, and I’ll reply to you privately.  Thank you!


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