Full Moon: Iron Uroboros

August 24, 2010

On today’s Full Moon, I finished this iron Uroboros bangle bracelet.  It is forged from a cut nail, tapered, hammered into a flattened hexagonal cross-section, and twisted.  The eyes are rivets that are domed on top and inset on the underside for a more comfortable fit.  The tail fits neatly into a tiny round drilled hole that forms the snake’s mouth.

This is the second in a series of bracelets that I am working on (the first was the steel wire Rahu and Ketu bangle).  At the moment I don’t plan to sell them.

A couple of nights ago, we saw an Arizona coral snake in the backyard at dusk.  These are rare small snakes that live underground most of the time, though they are occasionally seen in the desert on humid days during the summer monsoons.  The only other one I’ve ever seen was a roadkill, found near our house ten years ago, so I feel very privileged to have seen this beautiful creature and to know that it is part of the hidden world that lives in my yard in the ground, under rocks, and among the fallen leaves.

Forged Iron Uroboros Bracelet


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  1. Karin said

    Whoa. I’ve wanted ouroboros bracelets for a long time. And an ouroboros necklace and rings, too.

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