Forged Iron Tendril Bracelet

November 23, 2010

This bangle bracelet is forged from an 8-inch cut nail that was split, drawn out, rounded, coiled, and shaped to just under 4 inches in diameter.  It was hand polished to a mirror finish before blackening.  Because of its wavy shape and smooth, round contours, it is very well balanced and I can hardly feel it when I’m wearing it, despite its large size.  The first bracelet that I ever forged, fifteen years ago, was a bit smaller and was forged from 3/16 inch square mild steel bar (a nice size for bangles but no longer made).  It had a simple curved coil and a single short tendril (no photo, unfortunately).  For this new one, I wanted something similar but added additional challenges:  the very long split tendrils, spiral coil, larger diameter, and tapered bar stock.

Forged Iron Tendril Bracelet


5 Responses to “Forged Iron Tendril Bracelet”

  1. Debbie said

    Beautiful – love how the tendrils move.

  2. I love the way everything is so smooth. It must have taken you ages to hand-polish this. Truly gorgeous!

    • ironwing said

      It did SEEM like ages! Finishing always takes longer than forging (and this piece took an unusually long time to forge, since it had to be drawn out forever) but I love the look and feel of the metal when it’s polished like this.
      My first bracelets were polished with small files and emery paper. I still use both, though much of the polishing is now done with a Foredom tool and Gummees polishing wheels (carborundum powder in rubber; I can’t use the silicone wheels that I have for nonferrous jewelry, since the silicone plates onto the steel and prevents the black finish from developing when the piece is reheated).

  3. Karin said

    Lovely. Reminds me of _Durvillaea antarctica_.

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