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March 5, 2011

Obviously I haven’t updated this blog for awhile.  I’ve been busy with several projects (two large scratchboard drawings; making flutes out of copper, bone and stone; forging a couple of iron bracelets) but my shop/studio time is limited, and updating the blog diverts time and energy away from more important work.  It receives very few visitors, and half of those are spambots that “visit” the site so they can post links to the blog on fake websites.  I am tired of people assuming that my drawing projects are “clip art” which they are free to use as they wish.  I have also removed several things from my Mineralarts website:  art for projects in progress, and a few old sold items that are no longer relevant.

If this sounds bitter, it isn’t really.  My own priorities have changed (more cat care responsibilities, more health problems, more ambitious projects with less work time, and more time spent developing new skills with an eye toward future creative efforts).  Visitation to my blog and website have dropped, and sales have been nearly nonexistent for over a year (not unexpected in this economy, and I haven’t done anything to adapt to it, so I can’t complain).  Internet usage has changed, with a decline in personal/hobby/information websites and the proliferation of corporate sites that offer nothing more than superficial “social networking”.  Overall, internet users appear to be younger, less educated, and less connected to the “real world” than they were even five years ago.  Buyers are less interested in purchasing from an individual artist’s website, preferring inexpensive production items from instant-purchase swapmeets such as Etsy.  But technology and culture are changing so quickly that it’s a bit surprising that I had such a good run with the website – ten years of sales, artistic adventures, and meeting friends and long-term customers.  Now it is all evolving into something else, which is inevitable.  And I’m enjoying a welcome homecoming to the solitary focus on art and study that I developed years ago.

I’ll be back when I have something to say that is worth my time to post, and worth your time to read.  Thanks for visiting.


10 Responses to “Blog Hiatus”

  1. Nanette said

    I do understand, but am so glad you just posted. I have been doing a cotd ( good way to learn the deck, among other things), and keep checking your blog to see how you are. Today I determined I would just send you an email! lol. and voila, you post. I am truly sorry to hear business has dwindled. You make a good point though… the world is full of fools and crooks right now. Not a good environment for art or meaning. 😦
    I hope the health issues are not too bad. Take care.

  2. Thank you for sharing your magical art & photography when you can. Look after yourself, your beautiful work and all your feline family!

  3. Laurel said

    I enjoy your blog very much when you do post, so I’m sorry to hear about the hiatus, though I certainly understand your reasoning.

    If you ever decide to come back to the blog and website–for what it’s worth, I found them confusing to navigate. I was never sure what was for sale, what it might cost, or how one would buy it, vs what was being shown purely as your own works of art. And, when visiting the site as a whole, I found its structure challenging. So perhaps that’s been part of the reason that sales and readership didn’t do well, over time. I offer this as constructive criticism only. If your heart’s not in it, then it’s not, and that’s all there is to it. (In contrast, your blog is in my RSS reader, so I get notified right away when you post–nothing confusing there.)

    I enjoy your art very much. It’s deeply personal and unique. And I wish you good luck in whatever you do.

  4. Kim said

    I am so sorry to hear that you are temporarly closing shop. I do enjoy reading your blog but completely understand a change in prioroties.
    You will be missed.

  5. judithornot said

    I understand. 🙂 Wishing you well! And I still play with the tarot deck you created. So power-full! Thank you, Lorena.

  6. debra said

    I’m glad to own some of your works & have found your blog and other pages to be among the most interesting I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss etsy–there is real art and craft in there, too. I want to echo Laurel’s comments. I’ve been checking here twice a week or so, as always, and I’m glad to hear you’re engaged with things you love to do.

  7. Laura said

    Your iron work is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It’s touching, it’s inspirational, it’s uplifting. I came across your site long ago, and have kept returning just to bask in the beauty of the shapes you create. In times like these, when we seem to have forgotten beauty, your work is all the more needed. It refreshes us. Please carry on — and if you make new iron work, please continue post photos of it and offer it for sale, whether or not many sales result. I understand the need to protect your work, and also the need for time in quiet (your hiatus) but please do not entirely disappear. We need your art, we need your individuality — We need you! Sorry to be so melodramatic, but I feel passionately about this! If our artists withdraw, we’ll be left in the wasteland of consumer-society, with nothing to remind us of who we are and what is possible. Thank you so much for everything you have done, and everything you continue to do. It matters to me. You matter to me.

  8. I was at your web site last week and noticed that you’d stripped it down. Evolving focus is inevitable as you say.

    I’m interested in the large scratchboard work you are doing Lorena and cat updates are always nice to get.

  9. Jana said

    I’d like to echo the other voices here who have felt very inspired by your work, particularly the lichen oracle and your ironwork–delicate and strong and soaked with grief and love and story.

    The part of the world that you live in has great meaning for me, and you’ve introduced me to a lot of new plant friends I never met while I was there.

    My best to you in pursuing your current set of priorities, hope your health goes well and the desert continues to feed your heart.

  10. Nickie said

    I have been delighted with your web site and your work over the last ten years, and it is truly a privilege that some of your pieces have come to me, whether as gifts or with my own purchases.
    Your work has genuinely enhanced my spiritual life and work in so many ways, and it continues to do so. The River Grass Knife and the hand bell are sitting on my altar this morning, and my ritual knife earrings are in my ears, as they are every day. Your Ironwing Tarot is one of my most cherished decks.
    I understand about changing priorities and about precious time for important work, but I hope we hear from you occasionally and see the work you are doing, like the flutes and the bracelets. Many blessings on your new focus, and know that you have made a tremendous difference in my world.

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