Website Update

March 31, 2011

I’ve made several changes to my website.  All items for sale, of whatever kind, are now displayed on the artwork homepage.  Viewers can now see at a glance what is available, and can click on the thumbnail photos to view larger pictures of items that interest them.  The old Iron Jewelry page now displays an archive of sold or NFS metalwork.

I’ve updated details on how to contact me, how to purchase an item, and my image use policy.  Although boring and not particularly friendly, it’s at least clear and informative:

Other items (masks, gem carvings, needlework etc.) will be described here on the blog but not on the website.  These  include personal or experimental items, things that are either too imperfect or too time-consuming to sell, pieces of a larger project that isn’t finished yet, or items for which there is so little market that it isn’t worth listing them on the website.  Serious inquiries are welcomed on some of these items, but most aren’t for sale. 


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