Copper Labrys Amulet

April 20, 2011

This Copper Labrys Amulet has been lying on the bench for months in unfinished pieces.  It’s finally done and will be on the website next week (I can’t get to the server at the moment).  Hot-forged copper labrys amulet, 2.75 inches long and 2.25 inches wide.  6-gauge handle wrapped with 14-gauge wire.   The handle is riveted to the blade (no solder).  The blade is hammer-textured on the front (done with a dapping punch) and the metal thins toward the edges.  The back is plain.  I was going to put it on a copper chain but it’s quite heavy and balances better on a leather cord.  All the pieces were scrap metal (electrical wire, grounding wire, and flat piece that I scrounged from a junk bin at the old Ellis Metals Scrapyard in Tucson, 20 years ago.)  The whole piece is a bit more rough-looking than I’d planned, since the copper plate developed some unexpected small pits when it was forged.  The copper gods only know what acids that it was exposed to at the scrapyard, but they were all burned away in the nice clean forge.  In this amulet, the copper looks a little too bright and new-minted for my taste, and I think it will look much more interesting after it’s tarnished.  Heavily worn copper jewelry develops a beautiful pink and brown glow that is impossible to duplicate with any instant bottled patina formulas.

Photographed on a copper ore boulder from the old mines at Helvetia, Arizona.

 Copper Labrys Amulet


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