Double Spiral Iron Bracelet

May 19, 2011

More recent additions to the website jewelry collection…

I reworked the Big Cat Claw necklace to make it a bit more wearable.  It has a new smaller, more curvy iron hook to hold the carved picture jasper claw pendant, and the pendant is now removable so it can also be worn on its own.  I reshaped the original twisted piece of iron to make this Mediterranean Waves bangle bracelet, which also features a curly cone charm and a double spiral in 14-gauge black steel wire.  Inner diameter of the bracelet is just under 3 inches.  The fit is very nice – the twists give the steel a bit of grip, but their edges are polished smooth so the bracelet is comfortable to wear.  A combination of simple yet enduring ancient iron styles.

Double Spiral Twisted Iron Bangle

Double Spiral Twisted Iron Bangle

This pair of multi-metal earrings is made from black steel, copper, sterling silver, and brass wire, with copper tube beads and antique African glass and iron beads.  I wanted a classic hoop design with a bit of color that would look good even when it was tarnished (and I think these will, and the milky blue glass beads will show up even better then).  Unfortunately, they remind me of the infamous Dow “scrubbing bubbles”.  I think a version done entirely in black steel wire and iron beads, with no hanging wires and with the glass beads providing the only color, might look more elegant.  But I’m saving the rest of the glass beads for another project.  So here they are – Scrubbing Bubbles earrings.

Scrubbing Bubbles

Scrubbing Bubbles


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  1. taria said

    these are so cute and I did see the scrubbing bubbles when I first saw them, this was before I read your description. 🙂 I really love them.

  2. I love jewelry with a sense of humour! The Scrubbing Bubbles are adorable!

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