Black Steel Wire Hair Pins

June 21, 2011

These hair pins are made of 14-gauge hammered black steel wire and are 2.5 inches to 3.25 inches long.  The tops were flattened and given a subtle hammer texture with a dapping punch.  The finished pins were heated in the forge to give them a uniform dark gray color, then rubbed very lightly with peanut oil and carefully dried with a paper towel.  The flower-shaped pins are intended to hold a knot of hair and are easier to hold and manipulate than plain hairpins of this type, especially if (like me) your hands don’t work as well as they once did.  The three-lobed pins can be used if needed for extra security.  The double spiral pin is primarily decorative, to adorn a finished knot.

Black Steel Wire Hairpins

Black Steel Wire Hairpins


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