Pink and Iron Necklace

July 28, 2011

I’ve had these beads for awhile, intending them for several different projects, but they work very well together.  I’ve always liked the pink/black color combination, especially when one of them is metallic.  Today the idea of a simple necklace of earthy, comforting, and familiar materials was very appealing.  It made an easy, peaceful project for the waning moon.  This Pink Earth choker is made from antique African forged iron heishi beads, Mexican terracotta beads with a shiny pale pink glaze, two pieces of sterling silver tubing that I cut, filed, and polished, and a pink agate bead that I carved last year from a pebble that I found in the Empire Mountains.  The purplish-pink color in the agate comes from tiny flecks of dark red hematite scattered through translucent chalcedony.  This is the same type of inclusion that forms “strawberry quartz” but it is rare in agate (hematite in agate is usually finer grained and brighter red).  The clasp is 14-gauge sterling silver wire.

Pink Earth Necklace

Pink Earth Necklace



2 Responses to “Pink and Iron Necklace”

  1. Pink and black–the house I grew up in, built in 1956, had a pink and black bathroom–so pink and black always seems homey to me.

    I made a pink and black necklace too:

    We can start a club Lorena! I love those metallic heishi beads–special looking and a nice contrast to the agate.

  2. ironwing said

    I suppose I could start a Flickr group for “handmade pink + black jewelry”!
    I do want to make some additional beads for this necklace – I have a lot of Peruvian pink opal rough, and another variety of pink chalcedony. Guess I’ll add some rubellite tourmaline crystals and AAA rose quartz rough to my gem show shopping list for February.

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