Calico Jumper

August 8, 2011

Since I make most of my clothes, it means that I don’t have many of them, but they are well-made and last a long time.  They typically have a wearable-in-public life of at least two or three years, a couple more years as hiking outfits, and maybe a year for shop, yard, and housework.

This cotton calico jumper is made from four different brown/black/blue/teadye fabrics from the same collection.  (“Nottingham Village” by Judy Rothermel for Marcus Brothers; marketed as 1860s-style fabric suitable for vintage-inspired quilts, Civil War reenactment clothing, etc.).    The top is lined with tea-dyed muslin, all seams are bound, and the skirt has pockets.  Front and back are decorated with embroidery and a few tiny vintage blue mother-of-pearl buttons.  I have several off-white shirts that go with this.  The fabric that looks pale gray in the photo is actually a dusty greenish blue.

Calico Jumper

Calico Jumper

Here’s a detail of the front, showing the delicate fabric designs, embroidered black bias tape strip, and decorative buttons.

Jumper Front

Jumper Front

The back has a narrower embroidered strip and a folded point detail at the top center.

Jumper Back

Jumper Back


5 Responses to “Calico Jumper”

  1. judithornot said

    Lorena, you are such an amazing artist, even when crafting wearable art. 🙂 Am glad you are in the world.

  2. Laurel said

    This is a gorgeous piece of work! I can completely understand why you would choose not to model it for the photo (I probably wouldn’t myself), but if you ever find a mannequin or someone who would model it for you, I would love to see the dress brought to life in three dimensions, so to speak.

  3. ironwing said

    I need to get my husband to take a photo of me wearing it – I just keep forgetting about it until it’s dark outside. Will try to post one in the next couple of days.

  4. Karen Drain said

    Lorena, Karey Honberger, as always, is in awe of your talents…..

  5. Karin said

    Lovely piece!

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