Embroidered Cotton Shirt

January 25, 2012

More spiral hook and eyes, smaller than those on the vest.  The clasps on this embroidered cotton shirt are made from 16-gauge yellow brass wire.  I drafted the shirt pattern.  The collar, cuffs, front placket, and back yoke binding are made from tea-dyed muslin secured with handstitched commercial black bias tape.  Sleeves and front placket have pleats, not gathers.  I drew the embroidery motifs to echo the dotted geometric stripe design of the fabric.  I suppose you could call this “pseudo-blackwork” because it’s blackwork-inspired (and uses the same kind of thread) but is more freeform and lacks the precision of counted threadwork.  This is a “special occasion” shirt, very soft and light, with three-quarter length sleeves so I can wear a bracelet with it.  The clasps will soon tarnish to dark brownish-yellow and will look much less gaudy.

Embroidered Cotton Shirt

Embroidered Cotton Shirt

Embroidery Details

Embroidery Details


3 Responses to “Embroidered Cotton Shirt”

  1. Destiny said

    So very lovely.

  2. woley said

    I love blackwork and have 2 books on it, but as always you have taken it and made it your own. I particularly like the motif on the back of the collar.

    I love the casual way you say “I drafted the shirt pattern.” For those of us who are drafting-challenged when it comes to fitting and designing patterns, this is inspiring.

    It looks so good and i think the tea dyeing is a nice touch.

  3. ironwing said

    It’s a very simple shirt, modified from my dress pattern. The placket is lined to protect the back of the embroidery. The side seams are taped, not flat-felled, because I can’t get a felling foot for this sewing machine. Definitely looks homemade but that’s OK.

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