Tabby’s Birthday

January 28, 2012

Tabby is our oldest cat, and the one we’ve had for the longest time.  He was a stray that we took in when we lived in Versailles, Kentucky.  I first saw him in November 1994 when he took refuge in our backyard shed.  He was very friendly and already neutered, so I assumed that this big handsome cat was someone’s pet.  He looked to be about 18 months old.  I found out that he belonged to a neighbor whose daughter adopted him as a kitten, quickly grew tired of him, and gave him to her mother.  The mother didn’t like him because he didn’t match her two gray and white cats, so she dumped him outside.  He kept visiting our apartment and the two other rentals in the house, and we all fed him.  Finally the neighbor denied ownership and we were able to bring him into our family in August 1998.  I have arbitrarily assigned his birthday to January 1993; this is a minimum age, since he was full grown when we met him.  So he’s 19 this year, in excellent health (with all his teeth!) and still the same active, friendly cat who loves everyone, although he’s got darkening “old man eyes” and I think feline dementia has begun to set in, since he consistently yowls at his water bowl for several minutes before drinking.  Here’s a photo of me holding him in January 2002. 

Me with Tabby (age 9), January 2002

Me with Tabby (age 9), January 2002

For his birthday, I decide to re-create the photo, even though he’s less cooperative about having his picture taken!

Me with Tabby (age 19), January 2012

Me with Tabby (age 19), January 2012


5 Responses to “Tabby’s Birthday”

  1. Destiny said

    Beautiful eyes. I find that the tiger cats are the best ever. How wonderful to have such a long cat life.

  2. Karin said


  3. judithornot said

    Tabby is fortunate to have you, and you two to have him. 🙂

  4. Tabby is magnificent! Thanks for sharing your long friendship.

  5. Debbie said

    I was wondering about Tabby the other day. So glad to hear he is still going strong!

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